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Thailand casino

Until recently, the countries of Southeast Asia did not receive much attention from tourists, but in the past ten years, the situation began to change in a positive direction. More and more people come to look at the local beauty, admire the beautiful nature, lift the veil of mystery over the way of life in these countries for Europeans. And there really is something to see here. Here is the magnificent flora and fauna, and many Buddhist temples, and gorgeous beaches, and much more. One of these countries in Southeast Asia is Thailand.

Entertainment in Thailand
Find entertainment in Thailand will not be any problems. What is there just not offered to guests of the country. Moreover, the rest can even be considered exotic, like everything else. There is a very developed show and sex industry, attracting millions of tourists, many go to Tai just for this. Here you will be offered traditional Thai massage, and transvestite shows, and outdoor activities (snorkeling, quad trips through the jungle, water parks, etc.), and sightseeing tours of nature reserves, temples, and much more. In short, the country allows you to realize almost any of your desires and fantasies. And will fans of gambling entertainment be interested here?

Thailand casinos Depleting the feeling of excitement in Thailand is not very easy, even if you have millions in your pockets. This is due to the fact that the gambling business here is currently prohibited. We will not go into the reasons for this state of affairs. We only dare to suggest that the reason for this may be the excessive excitement of Asians. Indeed, according to statistics, about 70% of Thais prefer gambling.

True, the question arises, where do they play then if casinos are banned in the country? The answer lies on the surface. They are sent to such countries in neighboring countries – Cambodia and Laos. It is there that tourists who come to rest in Thailand can stifle and let off a couple of hundred, and maybe even thousands of dollars.

Gaming Zone Thailand – Cambodia
In order to circumvent the bans on gambling in Thailand, but at the same time to have operating casinos capable of attracting many tourists from other countries, an interesting decision was made to create a legal gambling zone on the border with Cambodia. Arriving there, you are already outside of Thailand, but in Cambodia have not yet hit. Not only the citizens of these two countries play here, but also the Chinese and guests from other states. The most popular and highly developed gambling zone is considered near the town of Poipet. Getting there from Bangkok is possible in four hours.

You should also say that on the territory of two kilometers there are seven casinos in Thailand: Holiday Palace, Grand Diamond City, Holiday Poipet, Princess Crown, Golden Crown, Star Vegas International Resort, Tropicana.

As for the saturation of these casinos, they are just gorgeous. Not a single institution in the post-Soviet space can compete with Thai. Here you will be offered a large selection of entertainment, service of the highest quality, amazing atmosphere, spacious halls, an abundance of smiling people – this is what a casino in Thailand is like. Perhaps you can compare all this if you have been at least once in the famous Las Vegas. Every gambling establishment is not deprived of the infrastructure: bars, restaurants, saunas, swimming pools and even a golf course.

If we talk about the choice of games in the casino, then it is just great. You can talk about it for days, and that time is not enough. It is better to see everything once. Just a huge number of a wide variety of slots, a lot of gaming tables (roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker), popular and rare games, and much more unreally exciting. Baccarat is in the highest demand – the most number of tables is here.

Gaming Zone Thailand – Laos
In addition to the gambling zone in the border zone with Cambodia, there is one more, which is the second in size. It is located on the border of Thailand and Laos. From Bangkok you have to get about 10 hours, heading for the capital of Laos – Vientiane. The easiest way to do this by plane. Why? This will allow you to reduce the travel time almost 5 times, reaching the destination in no more than a couple of hours. Casinos located in this gambling zone are no different from Cambodian ones. We dare to assure you that the trip will be unforgettable, however, like the rest itself.

In general, the casino in Laos, of course, is not empty. In addition to tourists from many countries, up to 1,000 Thais go there to play every day. More recently, a new Savan Vegas casino was opened here, which immediately attracted increased attention.

There are three hundred slot machines and 80 game tables in the gaming room. All visitors are provided with free food and drinks, including alcohol. From Thailand even a bus route was organized here so that residents of the north-east of the country could get to the Mekong River. From there, after crossing the water barrier to the casino, it is literally half an hour away. A five-star hotel has been built near the establishment.

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