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Montenegro Casino

This Balkan country is incredibly beautiful and attractive. And it’s not just the stunning nature that combines high-altitude greenery with perfectly clean beaches of the Adriatic Sea. Throughout the country you can find a large number of ancient castles, parks of national importance and much more.

Montenegrin casinoBut the main feature of Montenegro is that the rest here is inexpensive and even affordable for budget travelers. Many people go to this hospitable country not only to have a good time enjoying the sights and sunbathing at the seaside, but also to visit local casinos, of which there are a lot of them.

Brief introduction to Montenegro
Montenegro appeared on the political map quite recently, after the collapse of the former Yugoslavia. It happened just two decades ago. It is located in the northwest Balkan Peninsula. The country has access to the sea coast of the Adriatic Sea, and its neighbors are the former Yugoslav republics – Kosovo and Albania.

Among the cities of Montenegro alone stand three. Podgorica is the capital of the state, and cultural Mecca is Cetinje. Budva is considered to be the center of tourism.

As for the history of the state, it dates back to the 6th century, when Slavs joined local tribes on the territory of present-day Montenegro. For all the time, the country often lost its independence, passing into the hands of various empires (Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian), as well as Serbia, Germany and the former Yugoslavia.

Modern Montenegro is a member of the EU, the president controls the country, and the local parliament, or the constitution, is involved in lawmaking. The government is headed by the prime minister. Today it is a very attractive country where hospitable people and nature of incredible beauty are waiting for you. And here you can have a great time in the casino for your favorite slot machines or board games.

Montenegro and gambling
Unlike most other countries, here at the legislative level there are excellent conditions for the development of the gaming industry. Montenegro is the undisputed leader among the countries of the Balkan Peninsula not only in terms of the quality of services provided in this area, but also in the number of functioning casinos. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the authorities have created the most comfortable climate not only for the operators, but also for the players themselves.

To date, more than 500 gambling establishments have been opened across the country. If we compare this figure with the number of residents, it turns out that one casino accounts for 1300 citizens. At neighbors, this figure is much lower. Why are there neighbors – even in the UK, the gambling houses are five times smaller than in Montenegro. So this country is a paradise for the gambling public.

You can not go past another curious fact. It is known that the Montenegrins are a very hazardous people, capable of giving a head start in many. But at the same time there are absolutely no funds or other organizations involved in the problem of gambling addiction in the country.

As for Russians and citizens of the post-Soviet space, Montenegro is in great demand with them, because in this country they understand Russian perfectly. Not required for travel and visa.

Gambling legislation of Montenegro
Looking at the current gambling legislation of Montenegro, sometimes you get confused. It is as loyal as possible to all subjects, it allows a lot of liberties, but at the same time the system itself is so effective that it is considered one of the best in the world.

The fact is that the basis was a reasonable approach not only to the operators, but also to the players themselves. In aggregate, this allowed attracting a huge number of tourists and significantly increasing revenues to the state budget. Moreover, this figure is growing annually. Yes, and the authorities manage this money correctly, directing them exclusively to the implementation of numerous social projects.

Features of the gambling business
A serious engine in the development of gambling business in Montenegro is foreign investors. Capital flows are facilitated by soft legislation. Today, the country’s gambling establishments are ahead of their competitors from France, Turkey and other European countries in many aspects.

Quite a few leading casinos of Montenegro have been awarded the attention of celebrities. Although something surprising, because the huge finances that are invested in the development of the gaming industry, allow such institutions to look respectable.

It’s no secret that opening a casino here is not so difficult. How to do it? First you need to get a license and register a company. Further on your bank account should be about 300 000 euros. If a potential candidate does not have such means, then he can turn his attention to creating a simple gambling club. Such a venture will cost him only 75,000 euros. All casinos and gaming clubs are not subject to VAT, but pay commission fees from each slot machine and the so-called concession compensation.

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