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Russian casinos, the best gambling establishments in Russia

The twentieth century was marked for Russia by a real boom in the field of gambling, and the first 5 years of the new century for the gambling industry became the “golden” years. At this time, from 2000 to 2005, casinos in Russia flourished, and in total there were then about 1,000 establishments.

Russia Casino But with the introduction of a new law on the territory of the country in 2009, related to the regulation of the gambling business, gambling got banned status, and all casinos in Russia were covered. The only exceptions were bookmakers and lottery clubs.

Based on the new gambling legislation, gambling was not forbidden, but this could only be done in specially designated areas for this kind of entertainment. These zones were called the Altai Territory, the Kaliningrad Oblast, the Primorye Zone and the Azov-City on the border of the Krasnodar Territory and the Rostov Oblast.

Russian casinos: were, is and will be
Thus, from July 1, 2009, the casino of Russia, one can say, officially ceased to exist. However, gaming activity as such did not stop there. Casinos went underground.

As time has shown, illegal gambling has been developed in three versions:

transformation into Internet clubs (although in fact many of these institutions do not have access to the Internet);
conducting stimulating lotteries (this option involves the use of lottery equipment on a legal basis to hold each player individually). With this option, there are two approaches to the implementation of illegal activities.
conducting the usual lottery, combining a stimulating lottery (for example, putting forward an offer to purchase lottery tickets for a certain amount, which will be put on the machine).
use of semi-lottery machines, i.e. when a device with machine-readable lottery “tickets” is used (these “receipts” are not stored in the computer’s memory and therefore there is no obvious contradiction to the legislation) and the player is given an image like a gaming machine;
ordinary underground casinos.
People used and continue to use the services of illegal gambling establishments. And the authorities of the country, instead of replenishing the treasury with tax deductions from the functioning of the casino of Russia, spend huge sums of money to control the observance of the gambling law established in the country and the suppression of illegal gambling activities.

Moreover, it is noted that the number of illegal casinos in Russia exceeded the number of previously officially operating gambling establishments. And this fact already indicates that the reform carried out in the country clearly did not benefit the state. In addition to the fact that the underground activity is flawed for the country, the cover of Russian casinos led to the elimination of thousands of jobs, which significantly affected the material well-being of gambling workers.

The transformation of legal casinos in Russia to underground establishments not only complicated control over the activities of gaming clubs, but also made gamers less protected. All this contributes to the growth of corruption in the country and the exacerbation of the criminal situation.

In order to rectify the current situation in the gambling market of Russia, the authorities made a proposal to allow gambling in at least five-star hotels. This would allow to monitor the activities of the casino, and to receive some income from their operation. But the most important thing is that people who are fond of gambling would not attend questionable places and would do it openly. But so far this question remains open.

Meanwhile, Russians visit underground clubs and play for money against the law.

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