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Cyprus casino, real cyprus gambling houses

Being on an island in the Mediterranean and indulging in a gambling hobby in luxurious casino halls far from the bustle of the city, none of the players would have refused. And this desire may well become a reality: if you book a tour to Cyprus or go to the island as an ordinary tourist.

Cyprus Casino Despite the fact that Cyprus is cut off from the ground, this island welcomes guests all year round. And if some tourists strive to get to it in order to relax on its beaches and swim in the sea foam, from which Aphrodite, the goddess of love, came to light, then other guests of the island come here just to spend their leisure time in his casino.

In total, Cyprus contains a decent amount of casinos (which is surprising for the island), and they are designed for visitors of different levels. Some of the casinos are located at high-class hotels and attract guests with their individuality. These casinos of Cyprus fascinate and amaze with their magnificence.

The three most famous casinos of Cyprus
So, one of the casinos of Cyprus is located in its northern part in the Noah ‘s Ark Deluxe hotel. This gambling establishment exceeds in size many casinos in Europe and the Middle East. The original architecture of the building will not only revive the images of his dreams in the memory of any of the visitors, but also allow to look at the rest a little differently.

The casino at the Noah ‘s Ark Deluxe hotel offers various types of gambling (poker, card games, roulette, bingo, multi games, electronic entertainment) that can satisfy the interest of even the most demanding customer. The size of the deposit is from 5,000 euros. This money can be exchanged for chips at the box office of a gambling establishment.

In between games, casino customers can visit bars or enjoy delicious Turkish and international cuisine in the hotel’s restaurants. Also available as a sauna, swimming pool, jacuzzi, gyms and more.

The second casino of Cyprus Kaya Artemis is on its way to the Karpas peninsula in the Bafra region. In this building Resort & Casino you can take a look at one of the wonders of the world – the Temple of Artemis, or at least present yourself in it, since the architecture of the building embodies the reflection of this ancient Temple. The area allotted in the hotel under the casino is 3000 square meters. For its design is selected style Las Vegas. Service in the casino, however, as in the hotel itself, is at the highest level.

The third casino of Cyprus is the Cratos Premium Hotel. It also offers customers a high-quality service, a decent range of gambling and other forms of entertainment for leisure activities.

It should be noted that the casino service in Cyprus is constantly being improved, and for these purposes various shows and other entertainment programs are regularly held in the establishments, famous artists are invited to perform, etc.

In addition to these three casinos, there are other gambling establishments on the island where you can play card games such as Texas Hold’em, Baccarat, Black Jack and other games of chance, and win jackpot places.

Not only tourists, but also locals can play casino. Moreover, it is known that Cypriots love and appreciate gambling.

One of the features of Cyprus is that casinos and gambling are prohibited in its southern part. Therefore, to satisfy the passion for gambling is possible only in Northern Cyprus.

In the casino of Cyprus it is forbidden to abuse alcoholic beverages, and the entrance to the institution is allowed with appropriate clothing.

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