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It is known that the history of gambling goes back a long way. And originally this kind of entertainment appeared in Greece and Ancient Rome. True, at that time these…

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Строительство домов из бруса
Yerevan Casino
The Armenian Parliament in the second and final reading adopted amendments to a number of laws that relate to the regulation of the gambling business. According to the new law,…

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Casino Ostrava

Well-known in the world of metallurgy and the coal industry, Ostrava is the third city in the Czech Republic. Located in the north-east of the country, the center of the Moravian region is known as the earliest city in the world, whose newspaper and bread kiosks begin to work at half past four in the morning. You can have a snack or drink in an urban cafe or bistro at six in the morning.

Cultural life of Ostrava
For many, the center of cultural life of Ostrava is associated with the well-known Stodolní street, “which never sleeps”. This is where the most memorable entertainment of the city is concentrated.

Ostrava, first of all, owes its popularity to the formation of humanitarian higher education since 1990.

Ostrava casinoThanks to the needs of humanities in communication, conducting presentations of literary works, the opportunity to discuss on various topics, the Black Spider Club has emerged, which has become one of the most popular for young artists and poets. After some time, new clubs appeared, like Spider, but each of which was different in its own atmosphere.

It is on this street that dozens of bars, restaurants and various entertainment facilities await their guests, each of which is different from each other. Here you can find entertainment to your liking the most sophisticated visitors in matters of art.

There are places where jazz or alternative music is played, modern music from the 1960s, discos, karaoke, gambling, bowling, billiards, as well as a cafe where you can just sit and enjoy the silence, for example, having a cup of hot aromatic coffee. .

All of these leisure venues are strikingly different among themselves by the interior, the kitchen and, of course, the music, which can be heard literally anywhere in the legendary street.

Today, the fame of Stodolna stepped over the borders of the Czech Republic. In order to enjoy the unique sensations and energize and energize, Czechs from all over the country come here, as well as guests from Slovakia, Poland, Germany and the UK.

Ostrava Casino Review
Two Russian-speaking men robbed a casino in Ostrava. The raid took place in the Bonver gaming room, located in the Belsky Les microdistrict. Upon entering a restaurant on B. Chetyn Street, the gangsters, whose faces were masked with holes for eyes, nose and mouth, demanded money from the cash register. One of the robbers from 175 to 180 cm tall, according to eyewitnesses, wearing a dark jacket and a black sweatshirt with a hood, threatened a staff member with a firearm and held him at gunpoint while the second robber, armed with a telescopic baton, blocked the exit. The frightened waiter gave the bandits money, after which they disappeared. The attack and theft of cash occurred very quickly. The police continues to search for the attackers.

A young man, who seemed to be about 20 years old, robbed a gambling establishment of Ostrava and captured by surveillance cameras, was shown on television. During the raid on the institution, threatening the employee with a knife, the offender forced her to give money in the amount of 5 thousand crowns in small coins. For his crime he faces up to 10 years. While the guardians of the order could not detain the robber.

The police asked the guests and residents of the city, possessing at least some information about the criminal, to provide this information to the law enforcement agencies.

The owners of Ostrava casinos and enterprises for organizing and conducting all kinds of lotteries, which were exempted from paying taxes in the current year because of the confusion during the discussion of the relevant laws, were fortunate. Due to misunderstandings between the parties of the ruling coalition, the Lower House of the Czech Parliament adopted an amendment from the public affairs party, which exempted it from payments for slot machines and terminals, as well as from paying tax liens for the next year. This decision sports clubs, charities and municipal budgets have lost funds for their development.

The only thing that can affect the current situation and return the tax law to re-discussion is the decision of the senators.

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