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Casino San Remo
Sanremo is an unusually attractive city for tourists due to its art nouveau architecture, parks, gardens, sandy beaches, and excellent conditions for playing sports. At the height of the holiday…

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Casino San Remo

Sanremo is an unusually attractive city for tourists due to its art nouveau architecture, parks, gardens, sandy beaches, and excellent conditions for playing sports. At the height of the holiday season, the whole city looks like one colorful boulevard.

San Remo hospitably opened the doors of restaurants, bars, discos and, of course, casinos for its guests.

Designed by the French architect Eugene Ferre and first received its visitors in January 1905, Casino Sanremo is located in the heart of the city. Local banker Bartalamea Akunashatti lent money for his construction. The main principle of this gambling establishment: “not only a game.” The creative elite, among which there are many well-known artists, poets, musicians, made it particularly attractive in the thirties of the twentieth century, gradually turning from a gambling club into a center of culture, where they presented awards for musical creativity, theater, and painting.

Casino San Remo

Before the start of World War II, Casino Sanremo was closed, and resumed work only after it ended. For several years, the walls of the hospitable institution took the festival of the Italian song and its guests.

In the eighties of the twentieth century, the authorities conducted demonstrative investigations at the casino, finding manipulations with the roulette wheel. His employees were arrested, the institution lost most of its clients and suffered losses.

Despite the controversial and complex fate of a gambling establishment, its building, made in the modern style and preserving its original look, pleases with beauty and grandeur. For visitors to the gambling establishment, French and American board games and slot machines are provided.

Entry to the gambling house is free for persons over the age of eighteen. For the convenience of customers, there is a currency exchange office, credit card payments are possible. It offers motorists free parking.

Today, this casino San Remo is a symbol of the city, bringing fabulous profits.

About him it is customary to say that they are losing here with chic, inspiring respect. Visitors are given the so-called points, depending on the number of visits and the amounts lost and bringing unexpected and pleasant gifts to their owners. Here, in the parking lot, you can rent a luxury expensive car.

Casino Municipale, which looks like a palace, impresses with its numerous boutiques, tropical palm trees, well-kept parks and gardens, and serves as a great lure for tourists who want to get sharp and unforgettable impressions.

Italian gambling legislation
Italians are zealous Catholics who adore risk and excitement. The authorities were able to unite and legitimize such contradictory beginnings of their citizens, thereby ensuring the protection of national interests.

Italy’s lawmakers prohibit the organization of private casinos, gambling houses and slot machines. It is believed that only four gambling establishments are enough for the country, around which scandals flare up all the time. So, the famous terrorist group – the Red Brigades – was associated with criminal authorities controlling casinos and supporting them. The raids on all casinos confirmed this fact in San Remo. For some time the activity of this gambling house controlled mafia structures. And the official Rome appointed him head of the military officer.

The gambling business of Italy is built in such a way as to prevent the outflow of money outside the country and to attract foreign capital.

The law on online casinos permits the legalization of online casinos for the purpose of obtaining taxes to the treasury. Gambling operators are required to pay licenses and fees. Persons who evade from such obligations are punished with imprisonment from three months to six years. Operators accepting illegal rates face fines of up to five thousand euros and denying a license.

Previously, the Olympic Committee and the race horse breeding community had exclusive rights to organize gambling, whose decisions were not always and not fair for everyone.

Today, the Italian authorities have defended the interests of all parties to the gambling business, proposing measures to protect customers from unscrupulous operators and combat gambling addiction.

Another interesting fact is that the games for customers of the Italian Internet casino are only available on official sites, which are no more than a few hundred. The biggest winnings of online casinos are jackpots, formed at the expense of bets from around the world. But on progressive roulette and slot machines in Italy do not have the appropriate permissions.

Poker at Sanremo Casino
The one-of-a-kind Municipal Casino San Remo holds poker tournaments, the impressive areas of which create excellent conditions for playing in the poker room, which is especially popular with touring players traveling around Europe in search of an interesting game.

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