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Casino Gothenburg

By the number of inhabitants and occupied area, Gothenburg is the second city of Sweden, second only to Stockholm. Now it has more than 520,000 people. The city received its name from the word “Goethe” – so called people who lived in Goetaland, in the south-west of the country. Gothenburg is located on the coast of the river Göta-Elv.

Gothenburg Casino He is known primarily as a sports and cultural center of Sweden, although the industry is well developed here. Suffice it to say that the production facilities of such well-known companies as Volvo, SKF and others are located in Gothenburg. Also, tourism and the gaming industry bring income to the treasury of the city and country (Cosmopol Göteborg casino operates).

Often you can hear another name of the city – “the gates of the Western archipelago.” The nature in these places is really picturesque and pleasant to the eye. And all this against the background of gray desert cliffs. It is in Gothenburg there is an amusement park “Liseberg”, which is the largest in Scandinavia and includes about 30 rides.

For tourists coming here are created the most comfortable conditions. The city has special offices that provide tourist information.

A bit of history
Gothenburg was founded at the very beginning of the XVII century by the King of Sweden Charles IX. Gradually built fortifications to protect the city from enemies. To this day, these fortifications have been preserved only partially. To get to know them, you should go to the old part of Gothenburg, that is, to its center. There is another option that will allow you to get acquainted with the city in a slightly different perspective, – a boat trip.

Over time, the city ceased to be a military center and began to turn into one of the major ports, through which goods from other countries were sent and arrived. However, today Gothenburg remains the most important port in this Scandinavian country. Until the XIX century, the city was a developed production of textiles, there were numerous factories, as well as produced a lot of food. But in the middle of the century, his activity was reoriented towards metallurgy and mechanical engineering. In the XX century, heavy engineering was added here. Thus, the current look of Gothenburg is a powerful industrial center of Sweden.

The city is unusual in terms of its layout. It stands out among all the cities of the country. This is due to the fact that its center is 6 km from the coastline due to the fact that the land here was raised up. An interesting monument is set up in the central city square. It depicts the King of Sweden Gustav II Adolf. His arm is extended and points to the place where Gothenburg was laid.

Modern Gothenburg
See in Gothenburg is what. If you have a desire to first conduct a general acquaintance with the city, we recommend that you do this using a regular tram. By the way, this is the main form of public transport here. To save money, buy a special Göthenburg City Card. It will allow you to not only travel in public transport for free, but also provide access to some attractions, museums and even discounts in shops.

The city hosts a huge number of major sporting tournaments of various levels. In addition, in August you can get to the annual festival Göteborgskalaset. All events are held exclusively in open areas and will please concerts not only adults but also children. And everything happens for free.

Sea holiday
Although Malmo holds the palm as a seaside resort, Gothenburg also has something to brag about. To get to the magnificent clean beaches, it is enough to take the tram and drive from the center just 10 minutes. There you will find many beautiful places for swimming.

Well, if you want something more exotic, then your path should lie on the ferry that delivers tourists to the islands of the Western archipelago. This is truly a paradise not only for swimming, but also for boating. The most beautiful and sought after are such islands: Stuche, Dunce, Vinga. Branne. They work restaurants where you can enjoy a great dinner or rent a house for the whole night.

No less popular is the rest on the Dalsland canal. Everything is explained simply. It serves as a kind of conductor, which connects the incredible beauty and purity of the lake, stretching for 240 km. It is not surprising that many lovers of kayaking or canoeing here aspire. Those who just want to enjoy the beauty of local landscapes should go on a cruise. Along the way, all the tourists will be waited by various attractions, such as the Dalsland Museum or the House of Crafts.

Sights of Gothenburg
In principle, attractions in the city a lot. We will focus on the most iconic, which, shall we say, are a mandatory program of acquaintance with Gothenburg.

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