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Casino in Baranovichi

The summer of 2009, when gambling was banned in neighboring Ukraine and Russia, turned out to be not quite hot for gambling institutions in Belarus. The changeable and unpredictable weather seemed to completely reflect the mood of the gambling business in the country. July 1, 2009 was not only the first day of the next month, but also the culmination of the life of gambling establishments in the state.

Mass revival in this industry, which was predicted after events in neighboring states, did not happen. In many respects, the reason was the braking by officially Minsk, which in the summer suspended the acceptance of applications for registration of new gambling houses in the country.

Casino Baranovichi

But after some time, the authorities realized that the gambling business was not only capable, but should serve the good of the state. For several months, a decree was drafted, which lays down clear instructions on how to properly use gambling establishments to replenish the treasury. Despite the fact that the decree was fully completed, it was never signed, so this issue has not yet moved off dead center.

As you know, any business is important to start, the start was laid – and everything went by itself. One after another, other decrees related to gambling began to be published – and serious changes began. It has become quite obvious that the state is seeking to take control of the gaming industry. Toughened licensing measures for such a business. New gambling establishments have become increasingly difficult to get on their feet, develop, and the old – to keep themselves afloat.

The end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011 were the time to test the strength of this field of activity. Small institutions completely ceased to exist, and large ones tried to survive in any way. Gaming clubs have substituted each other in order to achieve the closure of competitors. Most often this was done due to the fact that dummy teenagers were sent to the necessary salons, followed by authorized supervisory authorities, which ultimately led to the closure of establishments.

A year later, there were another major changes made to the Regulations on the implementation of activities in the gaming industry in the territory of the Republic of Belarus. So, the list of objects where such institutions cannot be located was established. Particularly acute is the issue with the clause relating to residential buildings, government offices, telecommunications and postal facilities, non-bank credit and financial organizations, banks, recreational and sanatorium-resort institutions, as well as cultural ones. Although most of the casinos in Baranovichi are located exactly on the first floors of residential premises.

Large gaming networks have already left their usual places. Driving through the city, you can see the empty rooms, which yesterday were filled with avid players. A part of the working staff was sent on vacation at their own expense, with some they simply did not renew their contracts. Finding new locations is not an easy task. For some, the move is completely impossible. There are only two ways out: to stop such activity or create an alliance with other owners of gambling establishments in order to stay afloat. But if the issue of a new location can be solved by the leaders of the gambling business, then the second innovation of the season is much more complicated and interesting.

From the date set, all cash registers of bookmakers, slot machines, sweepstakes must be connected to a single computer-specific cash register system. This is a software and hardware complex that contains an application software package. It is designed to fully control the activities in the field of gambling through the automatic transfer, registration, processing, accumulation, preservation and recording of data on the processes, as well as to carry out cash transactions for receiving and issuing cash from individuals and him. If there is no connection to this system, then the license is terminated.

Many do not understand what the difficulties may be. A qualified technician comes and connects the corresponding cash register to the system. But until the last moment it was not entirely clear on whom this mission would be laid.

The creation of a special body, OOO Gambling Monitoring Center, has been dramatically delayed; one of its responsibilities was the implementation of a single cash system.

The history of the American corporation has abandoned the implementation of this project for a long time. She refused to become a partner and to finance the project after the European Union imposed sanctions against BT Telecommunications, which is also a partner of this project.

A few months ago, information was posted on the website of the Ministry of Dues and Taxes of Belarus concerning the fact that the Monitoring Center for the Gambling Business entered the Unified State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs and Legal Entities. However, about who actually joined the monitoring center, is not covered.

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