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Until 2006, the gambling business in this country was not distributed, in principle, as it is now. If at that time there were only 200 gambling establishments in the country,…

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Mexican casinos, gambling and Mexican gambling houses

Until 2006, gambling in Mexico was not as common as it is now. And if at that time there were about 200 gambling establishments in the country, now their number is about 800. However, many Mexican casinos are not legalized and operate without proper documents. The reasons for this lie in the obstacles of the Catholic Church to the development of the gaming industry and in state policy.

Casino Mexico A recent incident involving a casino in the city of Monterrey, when more than fifty people died as a result of an attack by a criminal gang on an institution, led to the authorities deciding to cover up all illegal casinos in Mexico. And at the end of last year, out of 69 verified casinos, 19 were outlawed and were immediately closed.

Casino Royal in Monterrey was a two-story building. This gambling establishment was very popular not only among Mexicans, but also among citizens visiting the country. Probably for this reason, this gambling establishment has become the target of the attack of criminals and, moreover, repeatedly. And if for the first time the gambling establishment was just shelled from the street, without causing any harm to anyone, then the second time the criminals set fire to the casino from the inside, while shooting those who left the walls of the room. During the incident, there were about 80 people in the casino, while its full capacity allowed to accommodate up to 1000 visitors.

What do Mexican casinos offer?
While the casinos of Mexico allow you to satisfy excitement in games such as blackjack, baccarat, roulette and others, Mexicans have a wide demand for horse racing, sports betting, bull fighting and cock fighting, as well as simple and instant lotteries. Slot machines, which can be found in all major cities of the country, are easily available in Mexico.

And recently in the Mexican city of Cancun a large entertainment complex was opened.

“Playboy Club at The Palms Resort and Casino”, in which it became possible to satisfy all human needs. The cost of the construction of the complex and its opening amounted to about 7.5 million dollars. The entertainment center includes many restaurants, nightclubs, luxury boutiques, fitness centers and health centers, and, of course, a luxurious casino with roulette, blackjack and slot machines.

This casino of Mexico covers an area of ​​1200 square meters. For its design, the image of the classic Chicago casinos of the 1950s was chosen. The casino is owned by the famous Playboy. True, unlike the contents of a popular magazine, girls working in a casino are dressed in bunny suits. Out of 1,500 applicants for work at Playboy casino, only 25 women were selected.

The authorities are planning to create large casinos in Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta.

To date, Mexico has developed several bills relating to the full legalization of gambling. And one of these projects involves attracting foreign investment for the construction of a casino (up to 50% of the project cost), stipulates taxation of gambling establishments (18% of revenues) and the distribution of funds received.

Also, the bill specifies a list of necessary facilities in the entertainment center (playgrounds, restaurants, bars, etc.), the minimum area of ​​a gambling house (at least 12 thousand square meters), the presence of areas adjacent to the casino. Indicates the minimum number of gambling equipment (1250 slots, 40 gaming tables) and the number of new jobs (at least 1000). Perhaps such a draft law is not very liberal in relation to representatives of medium and small gambling, but placing a casino in large cities of Mexico (collecting a huge number of tourists) on its terms would allow the country to receive billions of dollars in revenue.

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