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Minsk casino, the situation with real Minsk casinos

To date, over 30 gambling establishments operate in the capital of Belarus and the number of Minsk casinos is increasing every year. According to reviews of tourists who visited these gambling establishments, the atmosphere in Belarusian casinos, the range of games, service and other conditions are no different from those offered by foreign gambling establishments.

Casino Minsk

Of course, among the abundance of functioning casinos in Minsk there are a number of gambling establishments that are most popular: both among local residents and guests of the republic. These are casinos such as Victoria Cherry, White Tower, Shangri La, Global, XO club and others.

Review of the best casinos in Minsk
Casino Victoria Cherri is considered one of the largest in the Republic of Belarus. It is located in the heart of its capital near the hotel, bearing the same name. The range of services offered by the institution is wide and presented at the highest level. Among the gambling entertainment in this casino of Minsk there are blackjack (switch and press), American roulette, several types of poker, baccarat, slot machines, etc. The gambling establishment is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Casino at the request of customers can provide them with a VIP room. In addition, the gambling establishment has a hall for show programs and a recreation area.

Also, the Victoria Cherry Casino offers its customers an additional service: a buffet table, a currency exchange office, hotel reservation, a separate VIP entrance, a hookah and other services.

Belaya Vezha casino, which operates around the clock, 6 days a week, is considered to be not less a large gambling establishment in the Belarusian capital. It is located on the street. Masherova 17. Here, not only gambling entertainment, but also a huge dance floor, a cigar bar, a cocktail bar, a spacious rest-hallc and a VIP-room are offered to the clients of the establishment. The atmosphere of this casino in Minsk has absorbed the best innovative solutions, ranging from the decoration of the halls to the equipment used. Among the gambling games here are: American roulette, poker (Texas, gold oasis, club, Russian), blackjack, slot machines. On poker in this gambling establishment various tournaments are often organized. It is possible to play in a casino both on average, and on very large bets and, accordingly, to receive huge winnings. There are 9 gaming tables in the gambling establishment and two of them for playing roulette. Slot machines are represented by 87 varieties. If you wish (for example, in the breaks between the games) you can visit the restaurant and enjoy the exquisite cuisine of the peoples of the world.

The Minsk Shangri La Casino belongs to VIP-level gambling establishments. It has a division into the main hall and the hall for private play, as well as “H.O. club”. This gambling establishment offers an immaculate VIP – game, where a high level of service and safety, luxury of the decoration of the halls and comfort are its integral part. In total, this casino has 11 gaming tables, where you can spend time at games such as roulette, blackjack and poker (4 varieties). Slot machines in this gambling establishment contains 30 species.

Entrance to the “H.O. Club “casino is available only to holders of special VIP cards. The stakes in gambling here are even higher, rather than the main hall of a gambling establishment. Also, members of this club can enjoy additional privileges: they are given a personal manager, a personal car during a visit to the casino, etc. The casino has a restaurant, a bar, a billiards area, other entertainment is available.

Global Casino is characterized by the uniqueness of its sophisticated gaming atmosphere and charm. The most popular games of chance are also available for customers’ choice: roulette, blackjack, poker and slot machines. There is a VIP-room. A 24-hour casino has a cocktail bar and a restaurant. You can also enjoy the pleasure of staying at themed evenings and music performances. Tourists are invited to take a tour of the Belarusian capital.

Minsk casinos provide an extensive range of gambling entertainment. Therefore, to satisfy the interest in the game of money in the Belarusian capital can any player, and not even having for this a huge budget. And since many gambling establishments (from existing ones in the capital) have their own sites, to get acquainted closer with the services of a particular casino is currently not a problem.

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Minsk casino, the situation with real Minsk casinos
To date, over 30 gambling establishments operate in the capital of Belarus and the number of Minsk casinos is increasing every year. According to reviews of tourists who visited these…