Laos Casino
Today there are only two official casinos in Laos. Its main visitors are foreign tourists and wealthy citizens of neighboring Thailand. It is with this wealthy country that Laos borders…

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Costume sumo
Casino Alexandria, the best gambling houses in Alexandria
Casino Alexandria, the best gambling houses in Alexandria Strange as it may sound, the history of gambling has a fairly long time. Few people know that as far back as…

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Casino Asia, the situation with the Asian gambling houses
Gambling business is gaining momentum every year. And it is assumed that by next year the maximum return in this field of activity will be received from Asian casinos, whereas…

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Casino Czech Republic, popular real Czech casinos

The gaming industry in the Czech Republic is developed very widely. In this, like not so big country, gambling establishments number in dozens. Only in Prague there are over 10 casinos. The leaders among them are Atrium-Hilton, Savarin, Ambassador and Henry (casino, which has a number of other names).

The Czech Casino Casino Atrium is located at the 5-star Hilton Hotel. This is the largest gambling establishment in Prague, offering a wide range of bets in addition to a decent range of games. Service in this casino of the Czech Republic is on quite a decent level, and the institution itself has a nice design. In addition to staying in a casino and relaxing at the hotel, a restaurant, a bar, a swimming pool, a health club and other leisure activities are offered to the customers.

Casino Ambassador is located in the center of Prague on Wenceslas Square in a hotel of the same name. The main clients of this institution are tourists from around the world.

Savarin is a Czech casino in Prague, considered one of the oldest and most respectable casinos. It is located on Prikop in a historic building in the Baroque style, which was erected in 1745. Inside the casino is striking in its luxury and makes admire the structure. If in appearance from this gambling establishment it breathes “antiquity”, then the equipment used in it returns casino visitors to reality and the modern world. Here you can play such gambling games as American roulette, pontoon, poker (seven-card, three cards and Oasis poker) and slot machines. All clients of the casino are offered free drinks and a rest in the bar. The currency accepted in the gambling establishment is Euro and Czech Krona. The entrance to the casino is free and does not contain any requirements for the appearance of visitors.

Other popular Czech casinos
Henry’s casino on Wenceslas Square, also referred to as Alex or Yalta, is characterized by the largest rates among other casinos in the Czech Republic, but it also has not very good reputation for the honesty of the institution. According to rumors, cheating in this casino is a common occurrence. For players from Russia, this place is attractive because no one is surprised at the Russian language here and many croupiers are Russian-speaking citizens.

It can be said that all presentable casinos in Prague are located in the city center. Accordingly, if you want to find a suitable institution for the game is not difficult for any player, and even the first time arrived in the capital of the Czech Republic.

The most common games in the casino of the Czech Republic are card: blackjack and poker. Available roulette, lottery. As for the slot machines, they can be found not only in the country’s gambling establishments, but also in its bars and restaurants.

The casino regulars are not only tourists, but also locals. According to statistics, the Czechs leave 4 times more Americans in gambling establishments. Of the tourists, the overwhelming majority are players from Russia and China.

With regard to violations in the casino, according to last year, those were identified in one third of all gambling establishments. Part of the violations was reduced to poor-quality shooting of security cameras, insufficient visibility of visitors and tokens. For example, the work of the cashier in many casinos in the Czech Republic was hidden from the inspection bodies. In some cases, weak work of security in establishments was noted.

As for the Czech casino in its other cities, here we can note the Grand casino in Brno (the second largest city in the country), starting at 13-00 and closing at 4-00 in the morning. For entertainment there are roulette, dice and slot machines.

The gambling establishment “777” in Teplice (where card games, roulette and other entertainment are available) and other casinos in the Czech Republic are popular.

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