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Gambling business in Finland is a state monopoly. All profits from casino operations in Helsinki go to charity. In Finland, there is only one international gambling establishment. It is the…

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Casino China, where to play in a casino in China

Any gambling in China is banned, and no matter where the game takes place: on the Internet or land gambling establishments. In this state, there is not even a split on local and foreign operators, the ban is one for all. Nevertheless, in this country there is a gambling zone in which the Chinese are the largest number of casino customers. Its name is known far outside the country – this is Macau.

China Casino Once this territory was the Portuguese jurisdiction. And in the old days, the tradition of gambling was created here. Therefore, when in China there is a need to make a decision on the development of the gaming industry, it was decided to concentrate the gaming center in this place. At the same time it was immediately assumed that the Chinese would become the clientele of gambling establishments. Thus, the state seems to have protected the Chinese population from addiction, but at the same time ensured that they received most of the income from the operation of the casino.

Perhaps gambling would not have survived here to this day, if it were not for one thing: Beijing had pledged not to interfere in Macao’s affairs for 50 years, with the exception of those related to foreign policy and defense.

China Casino: Macau
Currently, Macau is a major entertainment gambling complex in Asia, where a huge number of tourists and the local population of China come to relax. There are over 30 entertainment centers in which can brighten up leisure of any of the arriving guests to the southern territory of China. Recreation is offered not only in the casino (where card games, roulette are common) and slot machines, but also in the form of visiting discos, shops, etc.

Despite the economic crisis, which caused significant damage to many states, the Macau gambling zone is developing as before (even better). Revenues from its operation are growing every year. And thanks to this, the Chinese economy is much easier than other countries suffered a crisis. The money received from the gambling industry was invested by the state in the creation of jobs, in the development of industry, science, etc.

The presence of a casino has helped China emerge from the crisis. Therefore, even now, with a negative attitude towards gambling, the Chinese authorities continue to expand gambling activities in Macau. In China, only lotteries and horse racing bets are available.

However, lovers of excitement are not afraid of any obstacles. And if not in Macau, then in North Korean casinos, some of the gamblers will get one way or another. There in the territory of “Rajin-Sonbon” (free economic zone) in the five-star “Imperial Hotel” there is a luxurious casino, access to which is allowed only to foreigners. In this gambling establishment you can try your luck in roulette, blackjack, and other gambling games. According to statistics, up to 50 thousand Chinese citizens come to the North Korean casino annually.

But, perhaps, with the emergence in China of another gambling zone for a casino, stretching for 100 square kilometers, many local players will no longer leave the country or will do it much less often than they do now. At one time it was said that China planned to create an entertainment complex China Vegas, where not only casinos will be located, but also modern hotels, concert and theater halls, cinemas, and even sports fields for football, golf and tennis. Buildings planned to issue in the form of the most famous attractions of major cities in the world. But the implementation of this project requires as much as 10 years. Therefore, only after this period can you judge the implementation of the plans.

Thus, gambling in China is now either a lottery and horse racing, or a casino in Macau and North Korea.

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