Monaco Casino, the best gambling houses of Monaco
Relaxing on the beach in Monaco is far from the most interesting thing to do during your stay in this principality. Much more attracted the attention of tourists coming to…

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Venice Casino
There are several playing houses in Venice. One of them is located in the Cannaregio district, in the summer casino in Venice operates on the Lido. Others are located near…

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Casino Hurghada, the best gambling houses in Hurghada
Hurghada is a resort city located on the coast of the Red Sea. It is the administrative center of the Egyptian province, which is only 26. It is a province…

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Casino Czech Republic, popular real Czech casinos
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Monterrey Casino

Until 2006, the gambling business in this country was not distributed, in principle, as it is now. If at that time there were only 200 gambling establishments in the country, at the present time their number is already more than eight hundred. However, many Monterrey casinos are not legalized and operate without any proper documents. The reasons for this situation lie in obstructing the Catholic Church in the development of the gambling business, as well as in state policy.

The Monterrey A casino recently happened in a gambling house in the city, when more than fifty people died in it as a result of an attack by a criminal gang on the club, and the authorities decided to cover all underground gambling establishments in the country. And by the end of last year, out of 70 checked gambling houses, 20 were operating illegally, so they were immediately closed.

The Monterrey Royal Casino was a two-story building. In this gambling establishment, not only Mexicans liked to spend time, but also citizens visiting the country. Most likely, it is for this reason that this gambling house has become the target of attack by intruders, and more than once. And if in the first case the institution was just shot from the street, without causing any harm to anyone, then the second time the criminals went even further, because they set fire to the building from the inside, and they shot those who tried to leave the walls of the room. During this incident, more than 80 people were in the hall, while at full load it could accommodate about 1,000 visitors.

What do Monterrey casinos offer?
While the country’s gaming clubs provide an opportunity to satisfy the thirst for excitement in games such as baccarat, roulette and blackjack, Mexicans prefer to spend time on horse racing, sports betting, roosters, bull fights, as well as simple instant lotteries. In this country, slot machines are very common and available, which can be found absolutely in all major cities.

More recently, a large entertainment complex was built and opened in one of the regions of Mexico. In this institution it became possible to meet almost any human needs. The cost of the construction of the complex and its opening amounted to more than 7.5 million dollars. The entertainment center consists of many restaurants, nightclubs, luxury boutiques, fitness and wellness centers, and, of course, a luxury gambling establishment with a roulette, slot machines and blackjack.

This establishment covers an area of ​​1200 square meters. For its design chose the style of a classic Chicago gambling house of the 1950s. Of the 1500 applicants, the necessary staff was recruited. The plans of local authorities are now developing the opening of large gambling establishments in large cities of the country.

Today, Mexico has developed a number of bills that relate to the full legalization of gambling. One of such projects involves the attraction of foreign capital for the construction of a gambling establishment (up to half of the project cost), stipulates the procedure for taxing gambling houses (up to 20% of the profits) and the distribution of the funds received.

The draft law also specifies the list of necessary facilities that can be located on the territory of the entertainment center (bars, restaurants, playgrounds), the minimum area of ​​a gaming house should be at least 12 thousand square meters, and the presence of adjacent areas. The minimum amount of equipment is indicated (40 gaming tables, 1,250 slots), and the number of new jobs created should not be less than a thousand. Perhaps such a bill is not very liberal in relation to representatives of small and medium-sized gambling, but placing gambling establishments in such major cities of the country (which collect a huge number of visitors and holiday-makers) on such terms would give Mexico the opportunity to receive billions in profits.

Last year, the Royal Casino, located in Monterrey, was attacked. According to eyewitnesses, more than two dozen armed raiders in masks entered the premises with the aim of robbery, they began to pour gasoline from the canisters brought along. Then they set the mixture on fire and disappeared in an unknown direction. No one knows how many people were in the room at that moment. According to the former security guard of this institution, it was the usual working day for the casino. The average number of visitors at this time of the day was always around 80. But, in general, a two-story building can accommodate up to 1000 clients. According to official figures, the death toll has reached 53 people.

Entering the building, the raiders demanded that its visitors leave the gambling establishment. Many tried to hide in the office space as soon as possible, because they were afraid to get hit by the shelling and die from the flames. Those who ran out into the street, fleeing the fire, fell under merciless shelling by criminals from machine guns. The remaining people in the building died from carbon monoxide poisoning. Police found many visitor bodies and staff

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Monterrey Casino
Until 2006, the gambling business in this country was not distributed, in principle, as it is now. If at that time there were only 200 gambling establishments in the country,…