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Nicosia Casino

Disputes about the fate of the gambling business do not subside, not only in Russia. Many fans of gambling were forced to change the territory of their conduct and move to the resorts. One of these places is considered to be Cyprus.

The government is categorically opposed to placing the gambling business on the island, so it is doing everything possible to prevent its organization and holding in Cyprus, in which the Cypriot Orthodox Church fully agrees with it. Every year to adhere to such a policy is becoming increasingly difficult.

Casino Nicosia Not so long ago, it became possible to visit the Turkish Cypriot part of the island, where gambling establishments are allowed and where the Greek Cypriots lose with great pleasure several million dollars a month. These places are also popular among tourists from Turkey. By the way, the Turkish Cypriots are not allowed to attend gambling clubs.

Despite the ban, Cypriots resort to all sorts of tricks, trying to satisfy their passion for the game. Recently, they have become regulars of virtual gambling clubs, not prohibited by the law of the island. In addition, Cypriots go on sea tourist cruises to Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, where, crossing the 12-mile zone of the sea border and being in neutral waters, they play, sometimes until the morning, in gambling.

It is possible that gambling houses will appear in the Greek-Cypriot part of the island. This issue has been raised several times in the Cyprus Parliament due to the fact that many foreign businessmen have expressed a desire to invest in the development of the gaming industry on the island. And the influx of tourists will increase in the most natural way, which means that the treasury will be replenished. As the experience gained in golf business licensing has shown, each permit issued for this activity brings about 5 million euros to the budget. Cypriots have taken to study the experience of Lebanon, where there is the only state gambling establishment “Casino de Lubnan”, which brings in the country’s budget large revenues, so necessary for the implementation of various government programs.

Gambling business in North Cyprus
Cyprus is divided into two sectors by a buffer zone, one of which is the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, where the majority of the population are ethnic Turks. Its capital is Nicosia. Buy property here, mostly British, almost no Russian. Major hotels in the republic are interested in serious players who have abandoned European gambling establishments. Gambling clubs are popular with tourists from Arab countries who come here to participate in poker tournaments or play roulette and slot machines.

About 60 tournaments are held in approximately 25 clubs operating in Northern Cyprus, some of which are shown on TV channels. The prize fund of each of them is 4 million dollars, which makes a significant contribution to the development of the country’s economy, as tourists from all over the world come to these tournaments.

To attract foreign tourists to Nicosia, they invest in casino development. In order to get rich guests from Kuwait, Lebanon and Qatar, the owners of gambling establishments deal with their delivery, which in fact has proved very difficult. For transportation of VIP-players the use of charter flights is provided.

Thousands of tourists visit North Cyprus annually to play in the gambling houses. From the gaming industry, $ 2,000 goes to the budget from one gaming table and $ 200 from one slot, and about 5,000 people got work, and the wages of the dealer are $ 2,000.

The attitude of the authorities to virtual casinos
The Cypriot Parliament and the Ministry of Economy spoke out against virtual gambling clubs in the country, which Brussels was informed about. Some parliamentarians are confident that the rejection of virtual gambling establishments will send residents of the Republic of Cyprus to the gambling houses of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

The head of Hermes Airports, Nikos Shakolas, one of the most talented entrepreneurs of the island, spoke about a project worth 200 million euros to attract tourists from Israel and Russia to Cyprus. He offered to open a gambling establishment in the old Larnaca airport. Mr. Shakolas is confident that the revenues generated by the gaming industry will many times exceed the problems that can come along with gambling addiction.

Gaming industry is booming in the north of the island. The inability to control virtual and illegal establishments in the territory of the Republic of Cyprus costs the government millions of losses.

The project of Mr. Shakolas involves the construction of a 3-storey breakwater with parking for 6,500 cars and a 6-storey hotel with 132 rooms, where a gambling establishment is planned. According to preliminary estimates, about 1050 personnel will be required to service this complex.

Nicosia Casino Review
In Nicosia, during the special events, an illegal casino was discovered, the organizers of which, without the consent of the owners of the premises, placed gaming machines in it.

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