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Monaco Casino, the best gambling houses of Monaco

Relaxing on the beach in Monaco is far from the most interesting thing to do during your stay in this principality. Much more attracted the attention of tourists coming to this country casinos of Monaco. The principality consists of three cities, and in each of them there are several casinos, the fame of which spread throughout the world.

Monaco CasinoThe first casino of Monaco was opened in the middle of the 19th century. Its location was the city of Monte Carlo. However, having existed for a year, it was closed due to its inconvenient location. But 6 years later, in 1863, gambling in the principality was resumed at the Casino des Spélugues. Due to circumstances, this establishment almost immediately passed into the hands of a private owner. Currently, the story of this casino stores only one room.

Who knows what would have happened to this gambling establishment if it were not for a businessman named Francois Blanc. He received the right to manage the casino for a period of 50 years. And during this time the building was completely reconstructed.

Monaco Casino: Our Time
Nowadays Monte Carlo casino is one of the largest casinos in Monaco, the whole world knows about it. Once in the casino, the gaze of the halls and their luxury first appear to the gaze of the visitors, and later the desire to become addicted to gambling appears. The casino includes several halls: the Garnier Hall, the American Games Hall, the Europe Hall, the Renaissance Hall and others. They can play card games, roulette, slot machines and other gambling. There is a casino and opera hall, which hosts concerts of the best artists in the world.

The entrance to the casino of Monaco “Monte Carlo” is available only to people over 21 years old. To go to the institution you must pay 10 euros and be strictly dressed (there are no specific instructions on appearance).

Monaco Grand Casino keeps its history and its signs. In this gambling establishment is observed complete anonymity of any actions of the players. Therefore, anyone who wants to keep a passion for gambling in secret, will not be disappointed in this institution. It is believed that if you rub a horse’s leg before entering it, then luck will not leave the player for a minute.

Le Sun Casino is considered an American casino in Monaco. It is located at the Fairmont Monte Carlo Hotel. Gambling such as American Roulette, Craps, Black Jack, several poker options and slot machines are available. Entry into the casino is prohibited for young people under 18 years of age, there are no other restrictions for entry (unless the appearance is inappropriate). The gambling establishment works on all days of the week at certain hours.

There are Monaco casinos specializing mainly in slot machines. One of them is the casino Le Cafe de Paris. According to statistics, every 10 minutes in this institution there is a jackpot in the amount exceeding 800 euros. Well, for those who appreciate not only slot machines, this casino offers to play card games, American roulette and even craps.

In addition to the covered casinos, Monaco includes gambling establishments on the outdoor terrace. However, in the fresh air, gambling is possible only in summer. This type of casino is Le Monte Carlo Sporting Club, which has allocated a place to play at the Terrasse des Palmiers. Here you can play several types of roulette, card games (blackjack, baccarat) and other entertainment.

In almost all Monaco casinos, the requirements for customers to enter the casino are the same: compliance with a strict appearance and presentation of an identity document (to confirm age).

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Monaco Casino, the best gambling houses of Monaco
Relaxing on the beach in Monaco is far from the most interesting thing to do during your stay in this principality. Much more attracted the attention of tourists coming to…