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Casino Greece – the most interesting about the Greek casino

Most of us associate Greece with ancient myths, gods, tourism and good rest. But few people paid attention to the possibility of not just spending a vacation, basking on the beach, but playing, for example, in local casinos.

The difficult economic situation in the country has led to the rapid development of the gambling entertainment industry in recent years. The number of gambling establishments has noticeably increased. Currently, casinos in Greece seek to ensure the flow of visitors throughout the year. The model was used as a basis, which is successfully used in Las Vegas. Gambling establishments are located on the territory of large hotels, being their part or being part of resort areas. In addition to the gaming process for the casino customers are available luxury apartments, various show programs and additional services that make the rest as comfortable as possible. Casino Greece

The main emphasis, of course, placed on foreign visitors. True, it should be noted that the Greeks are quite reckless. Card games occupy a special place in the local culture, and there are a huge number of such clubs in Greece. But these are separate clubs, not casinos.

A bit of history
Gambling in Greece has an ancient history. The Greeks believed that they appeared at the behest of the gods. At first it was the usual lot, as the myths say, with the help of which Zeus and his two brothers divided who will control what. There is a legend telling about the appearance of the casino and the games themselves.

Gambling is mentioned not only in ancient myths and legends, but also in descriptions of real historical events. So, in Homer’s Odyssey, there is an episode when the Palamers entertained bored soldiers awaiting the assault of Troy. The queen Parisatis was no less a passionate fan of dice.

By the way, the dice game is not Greece. It was brought here from the Asian continent. Both rich and poor people liked to play dice. After all, it was not only very gambling fun, but also very affordable. In ancient Greece there were even special places where you could play dice in an organized way. They became prototypes of the first gambling establishments. True, the attitude of the authorities towards this entertainment was, to put it mildly, negative. It was believed that the passion for playing dice can negatively affect the foundations of the state and morally corrupt the population. The Greeks were punished for gambling severely. They were sold into slavery, and it does not matter from which segments of the population they were.

Legal framework
But back to the present. Now in Greece a lot of attention is paid to creating attractive conditions for organizing tours among fans of this entertainment. The gambling market is controlled through the official state regulator represented by the gambling commission. It is responsible for issuing licenses and supervisory functions.

Strict attitude to gambling in the country has been preserved even now. The government is concerned that the number of people suffering from gambling addiction does not increase, and takes all possible measures to do this. Therefore, if you wish to try your luck while staying in Greece, you can do it exclusively in a casino. Any bets made outside special establishments will be considered illegal, and participants will incur criminal liability.

Since 2002, the Greek government has been trying to bring order to the gambling industry. So, any electronic games in public places were banned. And only after almost 10 years, such a ban was lifted. Now you must have a “player card” that allows you to visit casinos legally. Young citizens who are not yet 21 years old cannot play.

Greece casino today
The first modern casino in Greece appeared at the beginning of the last century. It is located on the territory of Loutraki, the most popular spa center. Now across the country 9 gambling establishments work. The first licenses were issued to only three casinos – Mont Parnes, Korfu and Rodos. The absence of a monopoly on gambling business in Greece and the fact that gambling establishments are owned by various operators is explained by the unified requirements of the European Commission on gambling for all EU member states.

The largest is the company that owns the gambling establishment Mont Parnes, as well as another casino in Thessaloniki (Hyatt Regency Casino). Currently it is the most successful of all Greek casinos. Three more gambling establishments are located on the islands of Syros, Corfu, Rhodes. And in mainland Greece you can visit the gambling establishments located in the cities of Xanthi, Patras, Halkidiki.

In the near future, the government intends to implement ambitious plans for the further development of the industry of excitement. The necessary amendments to the laws have already been prepared, and although it will be necessary to purchase a license to open a casino, this fact will not slow down its launch.

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