Helsinki Casino
Gambling business in Finland is a state monopoly. All profits from casino operations in Helsinki go to charity. In Finland, there is only one international gambling establishment. It is the…

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Casino Kazakhstan, gambling zones and Kazakhstan casinos
The gambling law of Kazakhstan does not prohibit gambling, but, like Russia, all gambling establishments in the country should be located only in specially designated places: on the coast of…

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Singapore casinos where you can play casinos in Singapore
Singapore casinos where you can play casinos in Singapore Currently, Singapore is considered the second largest gambling zone after Macau. Despite the fact that the doors of gambling houses in…

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Laos Casino

Today there are only two official casinos in Laos. Its main visitors are foreign tourists and wealthy citizens of neighboring Thailand. It is with this wealthy country that Laos borders on the north-west.

In addition to official border crossings, there are two so-called Friendship Bridges. One of them is located in Vientiane, the capital of the country. Not far from him, and operates a casino Dansavanh. The second casino – Savan Vegas – is located near the city of Savannakhet. By the way, according to the law, Laotians have no right to play in a casino. Therefore, both gambling establishments are sharpened by players from Thailand, even Thai baht is used as a game currency.

Laos casinoFor attracting tourists, special junket tours are organized, the infrastructure of hotel complexes, in which both casinos are located, is very developed, guests are offered the highest level of service and plenty of additional services (swimming pools, massages, spas, fitness centers, duty free shops and much more).

So now a little more. Getting to Dansavanh casino is easy. It is located just 40 minutes from Vientiane and just an hour from the border with Thailand. Gambling establishment does not work by itself, but is included in the huge hotel complex Dansavanh Nam Ngum Resort. You can get here both under your own power and using a free delivery by minibus at the expense of the establishment.

The entrance to the casino is decorated with the loud inscription “Monte-Carlo”. The decoration is designed in Egyptian style. Chips in a casino are used nominal. Each one has the inscription Dansavanh. The choice of entertainment here is good, there are many slot machines for every taste, both old and new generations. There are devices in which you can hit the jackpot.

Among the board games, baccarat belongs to the championship, but they have not forgotten about blackjack, roulette, poker, just such tables are much smaller. There is an interesting thing there, called “Dragon vs. Tiger.” But in fact, behind such a loud name is the usual card roulette.

The second gambling establishment is located next to the second largest city of Laos – Savannakhet. From here it is only 20 minutes away. Compared to a casino in Vientiane, it wins significantly. And not only luxury, but also game content. Savan Vegas is part of the hotel complex and is located in a park area on the territory of the national reserve.

The game room will delight a large selection of entertainment. There are also machines and board games. Baccarat is very popular, followed by roulette. In addition, you can play on the tables in poker, blackjack, sic bo. Also in the range of games there was a place for one “Wheel of Fortune”. There are many visitors. These are mostly Thais, because the border with Thailand is nearby and it is easier for them to come here than to the capital of Laos.

There is also an interesting feature that is not found in other places. More precisely, in the hotel. While in your room, you can watch live TV from the casino on TV. And it is conducted immediately on three channel. I must say that it is quite fascinating.

Since the main stream of customers still comes from Thailand, the casino seeks to create for such players the most comfortable and favorable conditions for them to enjoy and be sure to return here more than once.

About special junket tours mentioned above. Here we just clarify something. So, when you stop at this hotel complex, you get 5,000 baht, that is, you sort of compensate for travel expenses at the expense of the establishment. There are all sorts of flyers that allow you to visit the free buffets, provided significant discounts on hotel accommodation and so on.

As for the casino staff, the main staff there are Laotians and Thais. This is due to the fact that salaries are large only by local standards, but for citizens of Western countries it is, of course, ridiculous. Both girls and boys work as croupiers. There are no special requirements for the floor.

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