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Casino Alexandria, the best gambling houses in Alexandria

Casino Alexandria, the best gambling houses in Alexandria
Strange as it may sound, the history of gambling has a fairly long time. Few people know that as far back as 3500 years BC they were already practiced in ancient Egypt. This is known not only in theory, but also in practice. Thus, in the tomb of one of the pharaohs, archaeologists managed to find prototypes of modern bones. According to Egyptologists, among the locals of that time, there was an opinion that games are a gift from the Gods.

Casino AlexandriaFortunately, then there were no restrictions on gambling, so anyone could afford to enjoy this or that entertainment. From the moment of the advent of gambling, those people who wanted to make a fortune began to appear, and so the first scammers appeared who came to our time and in the form of cheats. But in ancient times, dice were considered something special and holy. They were used only in temples, and only priests could touch them. This was explained by the fact that the priests predetermined the future with the help of bones.

In addition to the tombs of the Egyptian Pharaohs, the dice, on the verge of which figures were inscribed, were found in the tomb of the Sumerian leader, whose age, according to experts, is from the 6th to 7th centuries BC. As a result, more advanced games began to appear, such improvements were the reason for the appearance of the first tote, which was discovered in the fifth century BC. Everything that was invented at that time, including gambling, was displayed in paintings, legends, and myths. Based on this information, scientists came to the conclusion that a game similar to billiards also appeared in the ancient world, and later reached our times in a more perfect form.

An interesting fact is that the Tarot cards, which are well-known throughout the world today, were invented in no way in Ancient Egypt, as is commonly believed, but in Italy. They were used as part of the process of predicting the future and divination.

Over the years, digital lotteries began to appear, as well as many other games that were improved and improved with each generation, presented to modern society in a way in which everyone is used to seeing them. The history of gambling institutions began relatively recently, in the middle of the XIX century, therefore it has less than two centuries. The first gambling house was registered in Monte Carlo, and after that their first temples with gambling began to appear in various countries.

Most of the games that can be played in the casino of Alexandria are international. They do not belong to one country, having originated in different countries and joining in one place. Today, gambling establishments can not ignore even ordinary people. It is scientifically proven that in his life, every second person at least once visited the game room, but no one knows which of them won, and who lost.

Gambling establishments of Egypt
Egypt is a very attractive country for tourists not only because of its antiquity, mysteriousness, the ability to learn the secrets of ancient civilizations, to relax on the shores of the Red and Mediterranean Sea, but also a wonderful pastime in its gambling and entertainment venues. And let the casinos of Alexandria inferior in popularity to the world’s famous gambling houses, but they give guests who stay in this country an opportunity to fully enjoy gambling and get a lot of positive emotions from their favorite hobbies.

The total number of gaming clubs in this country is in the tens. Only in the capital of this state there are more than twenty. Among them, there are both world-famous enterprises, into which everyone who has arrived in this country strives to get, as well as rank and file, which stand out from the masses by nothing.

The most prestigious gambling establishments are located at luxury hotels with a huge number of comfortable rooms. Also in them vacationers can find cinemas, conference rooms, banquet halls, restaurants, gambling establishments with world-class service.

A variety of gambling entertainment is offered to customers of Alexandria’s casino to choose from, including a huge number of slot machines with excellent themes, card games (poker, blackjack, baccarat), as well as the well-known roulette. Raffle jackpot and valuable prizes every day stirs interest among players, beckons them to visit gambling houses as often as possible. However, in any gambling house in Egypt, people can have a great time for their favorite entertainment.

It should be noted that in addition to the usual gambling halls, which have tables for various games where visitors play massively, private rooms are also provided in gambling establishments, where they are used to playing at high rates, but customers prefer not to advertise this and gather in a narrow circle, without any unauthorized persons. The casino of Alexandria regularly hosts poker tournaments, various drinks are offered to visitors for free. Discounts and bonuses are provided to regular customers.

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